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Before and After

We paint and more

Painting and decorating is a staged process. We want to present some of our old and newest jobs, step by step.


Before and After

It was a heritage farmhouse.  The structure was very fragile and required a different approach than the new building. The ceiling was very cracked and part of it was crumbling, so we hand lining paper and painted it. The walls and woodwork were painted with eco paints. 

A second life of a small bedroom

Before and after

It was very brave for a client to pick those colours but it was definitely a great move.  

600 years old house 

Before and After

In this heritage house, most of the walls were plastered prior to decorating. It was a pleasure to hang that wallpaper although it wasn't the easiest work due to its size.

Wallpapered cottage bedroom

Before and After

It is a Georgian's house in one of the local villages. Lots of woodwork required preparation but the main work was focused on wallpapering a guest bedroom. It was very challenging as there was not even one straight wall or a corner. The walls haven't been plastered so they were very rough. But now we can admire the final effect. The client decided to turn it into a nice cottage room with all beams exposed, we didn't try to hide any imperfections but instead, show the cute and romantic face of it.

Small bedroom

Before and After

Decorating work required walls and ceiling preparation and painting.


Before and After

The old layers of paint were removed then all the woodwork was sanded, filled and cleaned, prepared for painting. The client requested off white colour, so we used a Timeless Dulux eggshell.


Before and After

It was a very hard project as we were given just 5 days to accomplish it. We did it! And children got back to  freshened up school.

Bathroom Floor

Before and After

It was a part of a much bigger project that will be completed in the next few months. The bathroom floored needed to be sealed and prepare according to requirements as it was an area where there is water splashed, it's a dump and, the temperature can go from high to very low.

Bring sunshine to my living room

Before and After

It was a special project. It wasn't just about painting the room, but we had to help and advise the client about colours, and the review we received after says it's all: "Every time I think of the new house, I smile 😊  Thank you so much for all you did to make it special and for giving me your time to talk about the colours etc."

Grey doesn't mean dull

Before and After

Stylish grey small bedrooms not at all dull with selected and matched decorations.

Before and after: Projects
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